Beauty by Sophie is a qualified Beauty Therapist specialising in skin, and is proud to be an authorised stockist of Aspect Skincare. We offer a range of facial treatments to suit all skin types from our studio in St Johns, Auckland.



Aspect Medifacial (45 minutes $70 or 60 minutes $90)


At Beauty by Sophie our professional therapists will apply their knowledge and  the facial to address your specific skin concerns. We will correct, nourish and balance your skin. 



Aspect Customised Infusion Mask $100


Infusible Plant based gel mask with extracts of Soy. An advanced transdermal delivery vehicle specifically engineered to rapidly transport actives into the skin.

Serum concentrate/s are infused with the Customised Infusion Mask base as required for the condition being addressed.


Aspect Vitamin C concentrate: Enhances surface skin health and hydration. Lightens the appearance of discolourations.


Aspect Brightening concentrate: Clinically proven to fade the look of age spots and tan discolourations.


Aspect Purifying concentrate: Clinically proven to help mattify skin and diminish the appearance of blemishes



Aspect PEELS


Aspect Lactobotanical Peel (Hydrating) $90


No matter what your skin care concerns these lactic acid derived peels guarantee exceptional results every time. These unique peels are powerful yet gentle, so suitable for even the most sensitive skins.




Aspect Retinol Brulee Anabolic Resurfacing Treatment (Refining and Purifying) $150


Fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lack lustre skin texture, visible pores, minor discolourations and muddy complexions or time damaged skins cannot but surrender to this powerful rehab program that synergizes a clinically proven retinoid-mimicking algae Lana Blue. Milk derived L-Lactic Acid, and botanical calmatives working in tandem to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing and skin refining results in record time.


Before receiving this treatment clients must be doing at home skin prep using certain products. Feel free to give us a call to arrange a pre-peel skin consultation.

*All prices are subject to change without notice. 

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