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Updated: May 10, 2020

My skin journey is quite a read! So brace yourself!

My journey or skin problems started when I was about 12 years old. Puberty hit and I was a full on pizza face. I tried popular over the counter pharmacy and supermarket products at the time (Clearasil, Clean & Clear, Benzoyl Peroxide, Natural Tea Tree Washes) all of which stripped my skin, bleached it and aggravated it further. I was told by my GP it was just a teenage faze and I would “grow out of it”. At about this time I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which can cause acne and unstable hormones…aka not a faze you grow out of.

I was immediately prescribed Diane 35, the contraceptive pill, which after about 6 months kept my acne at bay, for the time being. In my later years of high school, to up the synthetic hormone dosage I was then prescribed Spironolactone, to suppress my bodies production of Testosterone, thus creating beautiful skin.

At University, as a dancer, I decided it was time to try and go natural. I started seeing a Naturopath who gave me countless amounts of vitamins to take. Ironically at the same time I was counting calories/eating barely anything and consuming multiple energy drinks per day so that I had the energy to dance...good one Sophie! *smacks head *

My face turned even more volatile, I had full blown cystic acne, my face hurt so much it hurt to smile or move my mouth. I caked my face in makeup every day, and became even more shy and introverted than I already was. The Naturopath told me I had a bacteria infection on my face and told me to scrub my face with hot water and hand soap in her words "until the skin bleeds", needless to say my face was scarred from this and I didn’t return to her!

In comes Roacutane, this widely used drug dried my skin out something chronic, made me depressed, but boy did I have amazing skin! However this happiness/or unhappiness didn’t last forever. Unfortunately because it is such an intense drug, it’s not for long term use, upon stopping it, back came the acne and back on to prescription hormone treatment I went.

After turning 30 I began to think being on the contraceptive pill for most of my life couldn’t be that good for me. I felt my biological clock ticking and knew I had to gain control of my body. I had done my Beauty Therapy training, I had studied skin, something I was now super passionate about. I learnt by this time the foods that triggered breakouts for me, I had adopted a vegan lifestyle firstly for the animals, but also to eliminate any form of animal hormones from my body. I was already vegetarian and eating very little dairy or eggs so this was a natural progression for me.

NOTE: Please note that there is certainly a time and place for conventional medicine and prescription medication. I had to find what worked for me and what I was currently doing at the time didn’t sit right with me.

I took the plunge and went off all prescription medication again. I started seeing a doctor that specializes in Homeopathy and he directly treated my PCOS, and I began using an Aspect Skincare routine specifically for oily/acne skin.

This was scary for me. Being in the beauty industry and suffering from bad skin all over again was awful. The process was slow at first, coming off years of use of prescription medication was challenging. But I finally achieved the great skin that I was dreaming of and a body that was more in line with being natural and medication free.

Aspect didn’t strip my skin, it felt nourished and I immediately felt like I was doing something good for my skin. All aggravation diminished and breakouts became few and far between. I could see that my skin began to heal itself faster because I was giving it the nourishment it needed.

I choose to use and stock Aspect Skincare in my salon because:

-They use chirally correct active ingredients, which means the correct side of the molecule is used, and is correctly received by the skin's cells, for maximum effectiveness.

-Aspect uses high quality ingredients in the highest of concentrations

-Their products have been clinically proven to work and their ingredients have scientific backing

-Aspect uses sterile, double insulated packaging so ingredients aren't compromised by exposure to oxygen.

-They are never tested on animals

The products that worked for my skin issues were:

-Purastat 5 Cleanser;

Exfoliating, non-irritant, antioxidant, soothing and calming.

-Jungle Brew Serum;

Purifying, mattifying, hydrating, soothing and calming, antioxidant, can be used on its own without a moisturiser for oily skins.

-Retinol Brulee Serum;

Vitamin A & AHA, anti-aging, anti-acne, soothing and calming, increased rate of skin

cell renewal.

-Exfol L 15 Serum;

Exfoliating, antioxidant, soothing and calming, refining.

-Extreme B17 Serum;

Mattifying, oil control, brightening, hydrating, skinfirming antioxidant, soothing and calming.

-Eyelift 3;

Hydrating, improves appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces appearance of puffiness, assists in the elimination of pigments responsible for dark circles.

Along side my home care I did Aspect Lactobotanical Peels monthly. You can check those out here , under facials.

However, my skin’s journey doesn’t end here. I have been blessed with pregnancy, something I was told by medical specialists that wouldn’t happen naturally, and therefore I have adjusted my skin routine to suit what my body is currently going through. The great thing about Aspect is that it caters for most skin types and issues. From pigmentation, age concerns, redness, dry or oily skin, problematic skin, Aspect skincare caters for both men and woman, there is something for everyone.

You can check out more of these products in my online store Or click here to book in a time to discuss your skin's needs.

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Disclaimer: Beauty by Sophie and the owner Sophie Tabakas, is not a medical professional or doctor. This blog is intended as a personal experience blog. Sophie is a qualified Esthetician, specialising in skin. Results vary from person to person.

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