Bestow Body Brush

The Bestow Body Brush detoxifies your skin.


Dry brushing your skin each day encourages detoxification, stimulates circulation and promotes soft, smooth skin.


The Bestow Body Brush is wooden and the bristles are made from natural fibres which stimulate the skin without irritating it.


Dry Brushing for Detoxification

The skin is the largest elimination organ, responsible for up to 25% of the body’s detoxification each day. Dry brushing encourages the process by stimulating the blood and lymphatic system just beneath the surface of the skin.


Dry Brushing Improves Circulation

Dry brushing stimulates circulation increasing the blood flow that delivers oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. When circulation is boosted to the skin the skin appears more radiant and glowing and feels warm.


Dry Brushing for Smoother Skin

If you dry brush regularly your skin will be noticeably smoother with improved colour, texture and clarity. As a bonus, dry brushing can also improve conditions such as cellulite and water retention.


Dry Brushing Ritual with Bestow Body Brush

Take time for you.
Before showering or bathing, brush your skin for five to ten minutes using the Bestow Body Brush. Begin at your feet and move upwards until you have brushed your whole body. Brush towards your heart with a light pressure until your skin has a slightly pink, healthy glow.

Bestow Body Brush