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Slip, slop, slap!

Did you know wearing an SPF daily is essential all year round? Especially in our NZ climate! I'm talking rain, hail or shine!

If you are using any form of Retinol, AHAs and BHAs in your skincare routine it is super important to protect your precious skin when you are out and about. These products help produce skin cell turnover, eliminating dull skin and making way for healthy, new, glowing cells. If left unprotected, these new cells can burn easily, making you a little more sensitive to the sun.

Trying to prevent pigmentation from forming? We have specific products such as Pigment Punch Plus serum that will help diminish the appearance and generation of pigment within the skin. However a daily SPF is absolutely paramount to keeping pigment at bay.

Check out our online store here for our favourite sun safe products.

About the Aspect Sun range:

-Ultra hydrating, lightweight & fast absorbing for all year round use

-4 hours water resistant UVA and UVB protection

-Broad Spectrum SPF50 and SPF 50+

-Antioxidants protect from the ageing effects of UV exposure

-Paraben free and cruelty free.

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